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Una Clarke - This is a brief outline of my life involving animals and animal welfare.

I have been around dogs, horse and animals all my life. I spent many years working abroad in the equine field in Italy, Greece, Spain and Tenerife, returned to the UK to gain my BHSAI Certificate in 1980.

I had my own dog walking clients from 1996 to 1998 but at the time did not have the funds to setup professionally. I then worked full-time for 10 years but still kept a couple of dog walking clients. I studied a dog psychology course in 2003 with the Canine Behaviour Centre.

After studying at Degree level - Animal Management, Behaviour and Welfare, which covered both domestic and wild animals, I contributed to my knowledge by voluntary work at Lower Moss an educational nature reserve, wildlife rescue centre and hospital based in Knutsford. This was over 3 years, getting 'hands on' experience with our native wildlife, returning many orphaned animals to the wild.

Regarding my own animals, I always take on rescue dogs and cats which have ranged from Irish Wolfhound, Scottish Deerhound, Collie x Spitz, Deerhound x GH, Romanian street dogs, smooth, wire haired and minature Jack Russels, Anatolian Shepherd alongside feral and Persian cats.

Then in 2010 I set up my own dog walking, cat/small animal sitting business which I named 'Romping Hounds'.

I hope this gives an incite to the type of person I am and instills in you the confidence should you seek my services.

Una Clarke
Romping Hounds Ltd